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Our operational management

Korf KB is a company of creative people who are not afraid of taking on projects that require out-of-the-box solutions. Our staff members are passionate about their work, always focussing on providing the client with the best tailor-made alternatives. This approach is based on our far-reaching experience and expertise combined with true commitment. Creativity, enthusiasm, expertise and commitment are therefore the core values in which our operational management is anchored.

How is this visible to our clients? We offer quality on a continuous basis, which can only be realised by knowledge, craftsmanship and professionalism. By combining various knowledge domains and technologies, we are able to achieve original and efficient results.

A very important aspect in this way of working is safety. We consider risk avoidance and control as crucial criteria, both in our projects and in our own organisational culture; you simply cannot have the one without the other.

on paper and in practice

Our focus on sustainability is obvious in everything that we do. We consciously invest in eco-friendly materials and try to operate our business as efficiently as possible. Our staff’s mentality is exactly in line with these goals.

We learn from our experiences so that we can continuously better ourselves, and often exceed the expectations of the clients.