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Our operational management

Korf KB (cathodic protection) is a company of creative people who are not afraid of taking on projects that require out-of-the-box solutions and think beyond what the bare minimum is. Our staff members are hard working Urkers, passionate about their work, always focussing on providing the client with the best tailor-made suggestions and don’t settle for less than that. This approach is based on our extensive experience and expertise combined with real commitment. Creativity, enthusiasm, expertise and commitment are therefore the core values in which our operational management is anchored.

These qualities shine through in the work mentality of our enthusiastic team. We’re always committed 100% to carry out all tasks that are a part of the project. We combine different techniques and disciplines and submit our own work to rigorous quality checks.

A very important aspect in this way of working is safety. Our company and its employees have all the required safety certifications so you can be assured that we will do the work under safe circumstances and limit risks to an absolute minimum.

our team by Korf CP

on paper and in practice

At Korf KB sustainability and conscious entrepreneurship are very important. Nowadays no company can exist when the environment and sustainability are not taken in considerate consideration.

Korf KB is committed to using clean, energy efficient and high quality materials and conscious work ethics.

We constantly looking for ways in which we can improve ourselves even more and be a role model within our industry.