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Designing and building Cathodic Protection

Designing a well organised Cathodic Protection system is a prerequisite for the durations of your assets. Korf KB offers bespoke solutions in accordance to the NEN12954 norm. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a standard CP system. Each system and each method has its advantages and shortcomings. Therefore research is required for every project, pipeline or tank within a system. This way it is more evident what the effect of the alteration will be on the existing CP network.

It it’s a new cathodic protection system we need to determine which type is most suitable. This depends in part on the object that needs protecting, the type of soil the object is placed in and the type of coating that is applied.

In general you can divide cathodic protection systems into two types:

Type 1
With galvanised anodes
(sacrificing e.g., magnesium blocks/ribbons)

Type 2
With pressured current using a DC-converter

When designing new Cathodic Protection (CP) systems a check will be performed to see which method suits best. This is dependent for instance on the size of the units that need protecting, the type of soil the object is buried in and the type of coating that is used.

Preliminary research

Based on preliminary research and extensive knowledge and experience, Korf KB can advise you using a generic Cathodic protection plan or a cathodic protection (CP) work plan.


As soon as a new or modified system is activated Korf KB can take care of the completion and using a completion report, show that the system is compliant to the norms set by for instance the NEN12954. This report will also indicate what the checks and maintenance entails.

Designing and building cathodic protection
Building Cathodic Protection system.