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Coating systems for underground pipelines

Coating is the first line of defence against mechanical damage and corrosion of the steel object in an electrolyte. The sort and type of coating preferred depends on the area of application. Older coatings are mostly bitumen coatings, which are no longer used because they often contain asbestos. This is why nowadays we use PE-coatings. There are various repair systems for restoring damaged coating.

Coating repair/applied systems

Damage to the outer casings can have several causes. It can occur during application in the factory, during storage or transport, during instalment of the pipes or during the operational phase. Prior to the repair of the pipes a visual inspection has to take place, which consists of three parts:

  • Investigating the coating (coating type, thickness, damages etc.)
  • Investigating the steel surface (colour of the surface, (type) of corrosion present etc.)
  • Determining the coating (repair) system to be used

Korf KB (Cathodic Protection) repairs damages to the outer coating. We are certified to work with the following coating (repair) systems:

  • Stopaq
  • Densoleen
  • KEBU
  • Bitumen
  • Protegol (spot repair epoxy coating)

Project approach

Korf KB can be of full service to the owners of pipeline systems because we have the resources to execute the entire ‘project’ from A to Z. Some examples of tasks that we can conduct on your behalf are:

  • Applying for permits/gaining approval of the municipality, province etc.
  • Organising road blocks in accordance with CROW 96B
  • Excavating the pipeline
  • Conducting a visual inspection
  • Coating repair
  • Flashing repaired coating
  • Refilling the excavation site and finishing off
  • Providing a final acceptance report