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Cathodic Protection revision

Apart from conducting assessments and providing advice, Korf KB (Cathodic Protection) can assist owners of pipeline systems on a much broader scale. We can take care of all revision tasks ensuing from the recommendations made in our Cathodic Protection measurements report like replacing measuring points or including new pipeline wiring.

In addition,
we can carry out
the following services:

  • Applying for licenses/gaining approval of municipality/province etc.
  • Organising appropriate roadblocks in accordance with CROW 96B
  • Excavating the pipe & appendages
  • Executing all prevalent Cathodic Protection revision activities:
    • Relocation of measuring points in the direction of the pipeline
    • Replacement of measuring points (without excavation)
    • Bridging of isolating valves
    • Repair of pipe coating
    • Fixing Cathodic Protection short circuit
  • Restoring dug up roads and pavements
  • Conducting a check-up measurement after the revision activities
  • Provision of a Cathodic Protection (CP) revision drawing with GPS-coordinates (10 cm accurate)