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Periodic measurements / inspection

To know whether your pipeline system’s CP protection level is still up to standard, (yearly) potential/current measurements are absolutely essential.

What services can Korf KB
provide you with?

  • Execute (Yearly) CP-measurements
  • Conduct visual/control inspections of rectifiers and measuring points
  • Conduct small adjustments to the CP-network (emergency reparations etc.)
  • Prepare a report containing advice and recommendations
  • Prepare a quotation and carry out the requested activities

Based on accumulated data we can determine if your pipeline system sufficiently meets the CP-protection criteria as well as the official standards. In this respect, having a historical measurements overview that goes back a number of years will only improve the quality of our report.

During our measurement activities we can visually inspect important measuring points in the field and, if necessary, directly execute on-the-spot modifications or adjustments, for example immediate emergency repairs.