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In-house system design and advice on earthing

In addition to the supply, instalment and maintenance of CP-instruments, Korf KB also designs these systems. In this way, we can make sure that all safety requirements as well as the highest quality norms are met. Moreover, this way of working enables us to provide our clients with the best possible service and advice.

A good design
makes all the difference

An earthing device can have all shapes and sizes. However, in order to remain sufficiently in control of the system and to guarantee that it works properly near all other systems used, a good design is essential. Simply connecting electrical items through earthing threads does no longer suffice.

For many clients in both the Netherlands and Belgium, Korf KB supplies earthing facilities, for example at construction locations. These systems are specifically designed for the particular type of soil, the form of the earthing and the coupled devices and chains.

Earthing for drainage systems

Apart from the earthing of various installations and locations, Korf KB also designs highly specialised earthing systems for drainage facilities. These systems are designed on the basis of our clients’ requests and can, for example, have an extremely low distribution resistance. In order to achieve this low level, an earthing system sometimes consists of multiple earthing nests with no less than five electrodes. To minimise possible losses, it is for these systems of the utmost importance that they are designed in a proper manner.

Installation and final acceptance

Korf KB has state of the art equipment at its disposal and a highly experienced and knowledgeable staff. It is therefore absolutely no problem for us to install the most complex earthing or equipotential bonding systems. By carefully deciding for each project which equipment to use we are able to work efficiently and cost-effectively.

With each completed installation, an acceptance report is issued. This report indicates, among other information, the units that have been connected, how they have been connected, as well as the contact resistance of the earth point. It also contains the results of resistivity surveys, conducted at every third depth gauge. This overview will show that the resistivity decreases as the soil is entered at a deeper level. The final total grounding resistance is determined on the basis of either the NEN1010-standard, the requirements as formulated in the construction documents, or the wishes of the client.

Periodical measurements

Korf KB also conducts periodical inspections to monitor the functioning of the pipeline system. This is done by the execution of resistivity surveys between the objects and the earth point. In addition, the earth point’s ultimate total grounding resistance is measured. Periodical surveys are highly advisable, since factors such as humidity and drought can cause considerable differences in resistance.