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Measuring soil resistivity

Soil resistivity is a very important factor in the design of a CP-system, an earthing installation or an anode bed. Knowledge of the soil resistivity also provides an insight into the soil corrosion. It is therefore an integral part of the resistance of the complete CP system.

What can we do?

Korf KB can perform all types of measurements for soil resistivity in the Netherlands and Belgium and would be very happy to do so at your request. This includes heavy industries or any other area that might need cathodic protection such as bridges and pipes.

Korf KB can carry out soil resistance measurements on request.

Based on the collected data we can conclude whether the level of cathodic protection on the pipe network is adequate and meets all safety standards. Having a history log of these readings is essential for a thorough report.

Whilst executing the measurements we can check the measuring points in the field visually and carry out necessary repairs or modifications straight away like emergency repairs or important points.