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Remote Monitoring Elisa by Korf KB

Elisa Remote monitoring enables Korf KB to monitor CP objects continuously to be able to respond quickly in case of malfunction.

By means of remote monitoring with internet-connected measuring systems on a rectifier or measuring pole, it is possible to continuously monitor the degree of protection of your Cathodic protection system.

We can offer this in-house with the remote monitoring system Elisa (developed in collaboration with Technolution). For this purpose, Elisa 1 is already available for monitoring on rectifiers and Elisa 3 is under development for monitoring measuring poles.

Because remote monitoring of, among other things, measuring poles gives a good picture of the KB degree of protection, maintenance is more efficient and cost-effective. We at Korf KB would like to invite you to come and admire Elisa and discuss the possibilities for your KB system.

Elisa Remote Monitoring Website