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CP and grounding for Solar Parks

Solar parks affect nearby gas pipelines. Gas transport pipelines, among other things, have cathodic protection (CP). This system serves to prevent corrosion. This is achieved with an always present protective potential (pp) of approx. – 1500 mV on the line. External sources such as solar farms can influence this voltage in such a way that the pp becomes too low or too high. In that case, complete protection against corrosion cannot be provided and the pipe may be damaged. This is not allowed for security reasons.

What can Korf CP do for you

Make the park fully equipotential.

Apply grounding (outside the permitted “impediment strip”).

Cathodic protection for the park and nearby pipes.

Remote monitoring for CP in the vicinity of the park.

We have already provided several dozen solar parks with CIP measurements and cathodic protection in recent years. From Amsterdam, Den Helder and Kerkrade, we put in measuring points for the CP that are connected to the nearby pipelines and to the solar park. This way it is possible to measure whether impermissible voltages occur in the ground.

Solar park in the Nehterlands