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Periodic measurements / inspection

To know whether your pipeline system’s CP protection level is still up to standard, (yearly) potential/current measurements are absolutely essential.

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CP-system design / New-build projects / final acceptance

A good functioning Cathodic Protection system is not only beneficial for the operational life of your assets, it is also one of the norms laid down in the NEN12954 regulation.

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Maintenance and repair of CP-objects

Korf KB is specialised in the maintenance of all above-ground assets belonging to a CP-system, such as the measuring poles, the rectifier installations or other items.

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In-house system design and advice on earthing

In addition to the supply, instalment and maintenance of CP-instruments, Korf KB also designs these systems. In this way, we can make sure that all safety requirements as well as the highest quality norms are met.

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Safety and certification

Safety at the work place does not only involve the use of secure and approved resources (such as machines, tools, and installations). Safe conduct is just as important.

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