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AC/DC impact

Stray currents caused by, among other factors, traction systems can seriously impede the Cathodic Protection systems of gas pipes.

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Remote Monitoring

Korf KB supllies remote monitoring systems for any object requested.

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Short-circuiting detection / locating electrical interferences

With the aid of a power failure assessment, CP-shutdowns with third objects can be detected.

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Measuring soil resistivity

In the design of a CP-system, an earthing installation or an anode bed, the soil resistivity is a highly important factor.

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DCVG- and CIP-Surveys

A CP-system is a secondary protection device meant for prolonging the operational life of a pipeline. The coating is always the primary system.

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In-house system design and advice on earthing

In addition to the supply, instalment and maintenance of CP-instruments, Korf KB also designs these systems. In this way, we can make sure that all safety requirements as well as the highest quality norms are met.

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