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CP-system design / New-build projects / final acceptance

A good functioning Cathodic Protection system is not only beneficial for the operational life of your assets, it is also one of the norms laid down in the NEN12954 regulation. However, a standard CP-system does unfortunately not exist, while each method has its advantages and disadvantages. This means that for each specific situation an assessment should be made of how a possible adjustment is going to affect the existing CP-system.

In the case of a new Cathodic Protection system, we will have to establish which type is the most suitable. This depends, for example, on factors such as the object that has to be protected, the type of soil in which the object is positioned, and the kind of coating applied.

In general, CP-systems are divided into 2 types

Type 1
With galvanic anodes
(sacrifice of, e.g., magnesium blocks/ribbons)
Type 2
With pressed current using a DC-converter

Preliminary assessment

On the basis of a preliminary assessment, we can provide you with a generic Cathodic Protection plan, including a work schedule.


When a new or adjusted system is put into service, Korf CP can take care of the acceptance procedure and produce a report which indicates that the system meets the requirements as formulated in, among other regulations, the NEN12954. This report will also give information about the inspections and maintenance of the system.