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Periodic measurements / inspection

To know whether your pipeline system’s CP protection level is still up to standard, (yearly) potential/current measurements are absolutely essential.

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Rectifiers & deep well anode beds

In order to offer adequate cathodic protection to large pipeline components, a magnesium anode is not sufficient. This is because the small difference of potential between the cathode and the magnesium anode make it impossible to achieve the desired pipeline potentials.

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Korf KB sells and works with the Pin braze system of Electrobraze in the UK.

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Maintenance and repair of CP-objects

Korf KB is specialised in the maintenance of all above-ground assets belonging to a CP-system, such as the measuring poles, the rectifier installations or other items.

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AC/DC impact

Stray currents caused by, among other factors, traction systems can seriously impede the CP-systems of gas pipes.

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Periodieke metingen

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Pinbraze werkzaamheden

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