MMO Powered Electric Titanium Anode Rod

MMO Powered Electric Titanium Anode Rod With 2mm 3mm Diameter For Water Heater Corrosion Control System In Different Length And Screw Head Impressed current systems feed a continuous protective electric current for warm water tanks High-Tech for modern water storage heaters

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The system consists of two central components; the potentiostat and the itanium anode with mixed oxide coating. They are connected by cable and powered via mains cable. Fitting is exceptionally easy, by the same method as the magnesium anodes.The titanium anodes have a mixed oxide coating. They are between 50 and 1200 mm long and can be fitted in pairs for increased effectiveness. Large storage tanks are protected by several systems. For retrofitting, It’s supplied with comprehensive fitting equipment. it protects tanks with volumes of between 50 and 5000 litres safely and conveniently.

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Order formats/dimensions:
Between 50 and 1200 mm long
volume between 50 and 5000 liter

Order formats/dimensions:

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