CP revision

Apart from conducting assessments and providing advice, Korf CP can assist owners of pipeline systems on a much broader scale. We can take care of all revision tasks ensuing from the recommendations made in our CP-measurements report, for example replacing measuring points or including new pipeline wiring.

In addition, we can carry out the following services:

  • Applying for licenses/gaining approval of municipality/province etc.
  • Organising appropriate roadblocks in accordance with CROW 96B
  • Excavating the pipe & appendages
  • Execution of all prevalent CP-revision activities:
    • Relocation of measuring points in the direction of the pipeline
    • Replacement of measuring points (without excavation)
    • Bridging of isolating valves
    • Repair of pipe coating
    • Fixing CP-short circuit
  • Restoration of breached roads and pavements
  • Conducting a check-up measurement after the revision activities
  • Provision of a CP-revision drawing with GPS-coordinates (10 cm accurate)

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